Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I need a picture of this hair style?

My hairdresser cut it totally wrong last time i asked for this style so i was hoping someone could help me find a picture or something similar cause i cant find it.

i saw it in a magazine but now i havnt seen it since.

its so easy style i cant beleive its hard to find (or cut), lol.

---its short up to the neck all the way round (same lenght), its razored so its abit zig zag but still all the same length, its layered at the top like the japanese style at the moment, and its straigtened.---

sorry i cant be of more help but id love to find it.

if you seen anything similar could i please have a picture or a link,

or if you have any better styles, thats cool too!!

I need a picture of this hair style?

This is probably not it but it is what I pictured with your description...

I need a picture of this hair style?

uhhh i need 2 see a pic.

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