Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Plz help.....?

Business Letter

Write a business letter using the correct business letter format to Teen People magazine. Tell them you are interested in becoming a Teen People Trendspotter. Be specific about what type of Trendspotter you want to become.

Teen People Magazine Time and Life Building Rockefeller Center

New York, NY 10020-1393

Trendspotter Sections and Job Descriptions

1. Star - Interview celebrities

2. Style - Model great clothes and more, such as beauty trends for girls and guys, like fashion, hair styles, makeup and accessories

3. Your Life - Give your opinions on any of the following topics: dating and relationships, school, music, fragrances, jobs, fitness, movies, internet issues, books, cars, embarrassing moments, and confessions


Plz help.....?

This isn't education, this is homework. Do it yourself. You have the address and all the topics.

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