Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Survey for CosmoMag-men&lesbians only please.?

What do you prefer and why...answer honestly and with details. Best answer gets ten points.

Big boobs or big lips?

Thin and shapeless, flat, no butt etc. or thick and voluptuous?

Curly hair- short or long?

Straight-short or long?

High-lights or natural hair color?

Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Lopez?

High heels or sandals with jeans and skirts?

Funky outfits or casual/sophisticated?

Heavy perfume or light scents?

Tan or pale?

Tattoos or none?

Teeth- Crooked and white or yellow and straight?

Feet- crooked toes with long legs or nice feet with short legs?

Muscular arms or flimsy?

Dumb and pretty or smart and kinda ugly?

Glasses or contacts on a girl- if shes hot?

Make up or natural?

Thank you for answering. This is a survey for Cosmo Magazine!

Survey for CosmoMag-men%26amp;lesbians only please.?

*Big Boobs - I'm pretty flat chested so when I'm with a women who is "blessed" in that area it turns me on so much more ... I love playing with boobies ... lol ... !

*Thick %26amp; Voluptuous - more to play with

* Curly - short

* Straight - Long

* Hair color doesn't matter - but natural is always nice

* Casual - but sexy %26amp; sophisticated - keep the freaky outfits for the bedroom

* light sents - Ralph Lauren's Romance - my favorite

*Jolie for sure - she's gotta have a few tricks up her sleeves - plus her mysteriousness really turns me on - Lopez just seems like a money hungry business woman

* I love high heels - they make the legs look so sexy

*Tan ( I'm from Cali - so you better have some color - even though pail women seem very creamy to me ... lol ... !

*Tattoos - more the merrier

*Nice feet and short legs

*Don't like muscle arms on women - or really broad shoulders

*Dumb and pretty please ... lol ... it's fun to teach ... !

* Glasses - all I think of is naughty school girl

* Make Up - but not too much ... !

Ok I did my homework now can I get the points ... lol ... !

Survey for CosmoMag-men%26amp;lesbians only please.?


The latter

Short hair



Kari byron from the mythbusters



Light sents




Croked toes nice legs

A happy medium

Smart and kinda ugly



Survey for CosmoMag-men%26amp;lesbians only please.?

natural boobs dont like fake

im all about the think girls love someone that can grab onto

long straight dark hair

highlights are ok neither attracts or detracts


sandals and tight jeans


light scents


tattoos are nice

honestly teeth arent big issue barly notice them but would say straight more then yello (im a smoker so yeah

lightly toned

smart got to be able to understand my mind

either some hot with glasses sum without


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