Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Which Blonde Should I go?!?

First I'm going to use SUN IN to lighted my hair to *Dark Blonde // Light Brown.* Then I will Dye it using LOREALL.

Or I might go to a salon.

Right Now I have ...

Brown eye. (light-ish)

Med//Dark Brown eyebrows

My face is SHAPED like Jamie Lynn Spears.

my hair cut is this... http://www.celebrity-hair-styles-magazin...

Which Blonde should i get....?



Any other pics would be welcomed!

please and thank you.

Which Blonde Should I go?!?

Don't go blonde if you're not blonde. It almost NEVER looks good. Plus, you'll just look like every other bleached blonde girl out there. There's so many other colors, sweetie.

Which Blonde Should I go?!?

heyy u should go for the Jamie Lynn Spears blonde

it will look great with that hair cut!! =)

Which Blonde Should I go?!?

the pic from celebrity it will look really good on u

Which Blonde Should I go?!?

I think you should try Emma Robert's blonde ebcause it has a golden tone to it, and is kinda brown even though is blonde. plus that look good on everyone, and is something safe. And if you like it maybe later on you can go even more blonde or w/e you wish.

Which Blonde Should I go?!?

did u start w/ brown hair before u used sun in?

i think tha celebrity would look nice on u =]

Which Blonde Should I go?!?

i really liked the ashlee simpson haircut with all the layers and how choppy it looked, but i wouldnt get it colored that color. you have to be careful when you are going blonde that you dont go to light, because it might wash you out. if you do wanna go blonde, then i would recommend going to a hair stylist, and i wouldnt do it yourself, becuase there is a really really good chance that your hair would end up like a gross orange, because that happens to me alot. the hair color out of a box is really bad on your hair, and it is harsh. the box color takes all of your natural hair color out and once you go blonde you are pretty much stuck, and if you wanna go darker it will just fade out. surprisingly the salon color isnt that harsh on your hair as the box color is. the stylist can mix the right color and will make sure that it comes out the right color. if i were you i would go like to a dirty blonde and just get full highlights. and then eventually over time you will get blonder, but not to blonde that it washes you out. that is what has happened to me. i hope that you have good luck, and dont listen to what people say, going blonde is fine.

Which Blonde Should I go?!?

Either the blonde on Emma Roberts or jamie Lynn spears. Either one would look good on you,, I think. :-)

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