Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wedding help!?

I have my own opinions but i want to see what others think too.

I am 5'6" and average/athletic build with pale skin strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes. what dress should i wear

or anyother ideas

updo or not?

veil - long train or short

location- childhood church or family farm

who- preacher or grandfather

it will be in the fall what kind of decorations?


anything else

Wedding help!?

Wow thats a lot of questions. Of the dresses--you sound "cute" (you know how girls can either be cute or beautiful or striking and they all are completely different) and as such I think the first dress looks the best.

The hair--I'm biased. I did my hair like the 2nd one. But if your hair is long enough, I think the 3rd one is gorgeous. You just have to have hair that will hold that curl and not fall flat in a couple hours.

Veil--I think short with that 1st dress. Long if you liked the 2nd dress.

Location...oh thats so tough. Well, where is the reception? If the barn is like an hour from the reception site, I wouldn't do it. Having a wedding at the church might end up being cheaper b/c a farm you'd have to rent everything. I'm 50/50 on that one though. Whats the church look like? I really wanted a pretty church with stain glass and if its just a plain, unattractive church--I'd do the farm.

Preacher or Grandfather- I say preacher. He is used to doing it, knows what he is doing. Why make your grandfather work on this day. I'd let him just enjoy the moment as a guest.

What kind of decorations? Very country. Sunflowers. Leaves. Perhaps even do "harvest" as a theme and have like cornocopias (however you spell it) for the centerpieces. I can't see it being anything barbie--with pinks and pastels. Though a deep red (or a reddish rust color) is really pretty as well. I also like for fall weddings (especially if you use the barn) to combine elegance with country simplicity. Like to forest green and gold accents. Have the decorations be classy--simplistic but very elegant--with the rustic surroundings. The wood makes it look like your decorating colors are forest green and wood, with just gold accents. A lot of 5 star restaurants are set in barns like that. We have Angus Barn.

Food- simple is best. Like a bbq. Or have a caterer do a lot of homestyle foods--mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans, fried chicken, country style steak. Banana pudding. Buffet style.

But it is your wedding. What really matters is YOUR opinions! This is your special day and it should be just the way you imagine it to be. After all--we aren't even invited to the wedding so we aren't going to get to see it. If you plan it the way you want it, 10 yrs from now you'll still look back at the pictures and think the day was perfect. (Though I still love that 1st dress)

Wedding help!?

OK, I like the second dress, upswept hairdo, short train, church, preacher.

Fall is a beautiful %26amp; colorful time for a wedding! I would use Golden Autumm colors and flowers like mums for tablepieces.

Food - carrot and sweet potato soup, roast beef and potatoes with a veg.

Best of luck to you.

Wedding help!?

I like the 2nd dress and the 3rd hairstyle. A great place to look for fall ideas for decorations is Jean M. They have so many cute ideas. I would go for buffet style food if it's casual, and sit down for formal. Depending on who caters will make the difference in the taste of the food and what they can make.

Wedding help!?

how about this one.

if you like it feel free to contact me at:

Wedding help!?

So many questions!! I LOVE the second dress!! I LOVE the first hairstyle! I do not like veil in the picture. I think a short veil is nicer. Family farm would be different and kind of fun. Childhood church is nice also. I like the grandfather idea. It's great when family members can also get involved!

Wedding help!?

This is my opinion, of course you dont have to do it my way but just a suggestion since you did ask the question.

i thin dress number 2 is very nice i like the material but dress number 1 would be some thing i would wear.

anytime you wear something strapless you should wear your hair down because you don't want to have too much skin showing. especially if the wedding is in a church. but its your decision. so i think you should do

firts dress the third hair style, church and the preacher for the ceremony. congradualtions, everything else sounds great.

Wedding help!?

The second gown is GORGEOUS! Second hairstyle, too! Go for a fingertip veil. How about the hometown church for the ceremony, and reception at the farm, if possible. If grandfather is legal as an officiant, that would be cool.

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