Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Anyone noticed the 'white look' is coming back in?

I'm seeing more and more of the classic pale skin, red lipstick look arrising recently. Celebs, magazines, ads, TV - is it coming back in? Thank god the hot tanned look is taking a break. You have any idea how much of a pain it is to tan or use tanners? So, what can I do to play up my whiteness?! I have brown hair (med-dark), green eyes, and you guessed it, pretty damn white skin! Although, I'm not see-threw or sickly looking.

Anyone noticed the 'white look' is coming back in?

Me too!!! my hair is light brown.. and i have green eyes.. and im way pale. People say they like it though.. if you get a foundation thats a little darker than your skin and make sure you blend it really good over pale skin.. it looks really good. It won't take away your actual pale color.. but it makes it to where you don't look all glowy like a ghost. It will bring out green eyes really good too.. well it does for me at least!

Anyone noticed the 'white look' is coming back in?

Just keep it clean and clear.

Lancome has some foundations that play up this look nicely. I think they use and almost iridescent or pearly look that is very flattering on very pale skin with a bold lip color.

Get a coordinated color scheme of cosmetics to decide what features to play up and draw the focus toward. It is better to draw the focus toward one or two features, and not all of them at once as that can result in an overdone look.

Anyone noticed the 'white look' is coming back in?

i reaaaly dont think the white look is back

but who cares

im naturally really tan

anyone can pull offf any skin color when they wear colors to compliment your skin

your white- avoid collors like pale yellow and stuff thatll blend with u

your tan- avoid colors that are too dark or else it wont bring out ur tan

but for your description:

stick with smokey make up and dark blues

Anyone noticed the 'white look' is coming back in?

one way to play it up is to wear plum or brown eyeliner instead of black as it's too harsh on fair skin and the contrast will detract from your beautiful eye color. warm eye shadows go best with fair skin, like sage or peach. wear a light blush. earthy colors are the best choice for lipstick with your skin tone, try a reddish brown. also, as far as clothes go, stay away from white and pastel colors because they drain the color from your skin. blues, greens and purples are your best bet for bringing out the pigment in your skin and making your eyes look brighter.

Anyone noticed the 'white look' is coming back in?

Dang, my girls are beautiful Eurasians! Does this mean they are out of style?

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