Monday, July 27, 2009

Hair Ideas Please!?!?

So I am 14 years old...I have medium length hair, like to my shoulders or a tiny bit longer with layers. I need some new hair style ideas because I am sick of what I normally do!

here's a picture of me so you can see my face shape and hair, sorry i know it's hideous! def. not a good one! but it shows my hair and face shape. =D

my hair is a tiny bit longer than that i guess....thanks!

Also, can you tell me my face shape? Magazines always give you the best stuff for your face shape, and idk what mine is!


Hair Ideas Please!?!?

no pictureeeeeee.. :)

Hair Ideas Please!?!?

go with scene hair i love it and everyone is goin to that style. i want to get it so bad but i think im too chubby and besides that dotn have time to do my hair daily

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