Monday, July 27, 2009

Hair & Makeup for special event!?

My friend and I are going to go to our homecoming in a couple of weeks. I'm an expert at getting ready for special events myself, but this time we decided to give ourselves a rest and our dates a little twist by getting our make-up and hair done. I am clueless, and I have a couple of questions to help me get started.

1) Make-up - I've heard to go to Dillard's or Macy' they really know what they are doing? And what kind of $ is it going to be?

2) Hair - I know of several salons in the area, but I'm not sure as to what I should be looking for. Several magazines say to have a trial before the special event so that you know what your hair is going to look like - is this included in the price, or is it seperate? Should I have a style picked out, or should I let the stylist work with my hair just based on what type of style I want (up-do)?

3) What times should I schedule this? Also, what should be done first?

Thanks so much for all the help! This is a repost, I need answers!

Hair %26amp; Makeup for special event!?

1. Depends what sort of makeup artist you get. They might require you to buy something minimum $40-50.

2. I think you should let the stylist work with what she thinks is best for up-dos. Also talk to the salon and see if they can give you a price like discounted because you have to see them twice. Sometimes they offer deals like that, for weddings.

3. Do your hair first because you will probably get hot in that chair. Don't want makeup melting before it is time.

Hair %26amp; Makeup for special event!?

do what ever you think is best and talk to your friend and go togher if you arent already

Hair %26amp; Makeup for special event!?

1. usually make up counters in dillards and macys will do it for free if you buy a product they used after they are done. they are NOT licensed but generally do a fine job- no worries.

2. trials are a good idea but they will charge you both times and its just not that important for homecoming. when you call to schedule ask them for someone who specializes in updos and its best not to set your sights on a picture because most times it cannot be recreated exactly. let them do what they do with you specific hair type.

3. schedule make up first, then hair

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