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How to get more girly?

okay well im a cheerleader..duh..but i dont really dress like it ive always been kinda tomboyish and i really need a change cuz i dont really dress as some would say attractive i guess idk but if anyone has any hair and makeup and clothes suggestions or if u know of any good websites or magazines it would really help thanxx

How to get more girly?

Well I'm not a tomboy, but I'm not super girly either. A lotta times I'll just wear jeans %26amp; a t-shirt and not worry about wearing super cute clothes or whatever. But I've noticed that little things can make a huge difference. I painted my toenails a couple weeks ago, for the first time since I was in elementary school! I noticed that I feel a lot more confident when I do little "girly" things like that. That way you feel a little bit more confident around the guys %26amp; your other friends, without compromising your WHOLE style. So stuff like: painted toenails, cute purses, cute flip-flops to show off your toenails, maybe do a little something different with your hair (and make sure it always looks clean, and like you at least put a little bit of effort into it), and maybe a mascara/eyeshadow (because it doesn't take TOO long to put on, you don't have to freaking cake on the foundation like a lotta girls do, but a little bit of eye makeup can make a huge difference), OH and maybe some cute sunglasses??

So yeah, little things = huge difference. You don't have to change the way you dress for ANYONE but yourself, but I've noticed that the little things make me feel WAY more confident.

For example, last night I wore a green t-shirt with jeans. Normally I would have just thrown on the jeans/shirt, put on some plain boring Vans, and carried a boring messenger bag. But to spice it up a little bit I wore flip-flops to show off my toenails (I got them for 2.50 at shopko!), I wore a really thin shirt with a collar underneath my green shirt, and you could see the collar and it looked super cute compared to the plain shirt, then I spent a good amount of time straigtening my hair and making it look nice, then put on a little bit of makeup and carried a CUTE little purse I got on clearance at the mall for $3! None of these things really cost a WHOLE lotta money, you just have to spend a little bit more time getting yourself ready. :D

Hope that helped!

How to get more girly?

wear a little eyeshadow if you dont like make-up. tighten up ya clothes a lil but now whore-ish to get a bad reputation

How to get more girly?

Try,, These will always give you some good tips. But, I'm sure you look fine like you are. (Not trying to be creepy. Just trying to be a friendly fellow tomboy turned classic girl) :-)

How to get more girly?

the way you talk sounds like you are the typical highschool terd. just dress the way you want, to dress because other people want you that way, DO WHAT YOU WANT. who cares what other people think, i personal think that a woman that knows how to hunt and fish is a whole lot more useful that a woman that cant live without make up, a billion shoes and a purse to match all those shoes...

How to get more girly?

okay well wear more light clothing


umm manicures, pedacures

skirts and dresses

and also just smells-parfumes

How to get more girly?

be how you are. but if you want a make over, talk to your cheerleading friends, they probably know you best, and can help.

i like to be tomboyish some days, and then drop dead gorgeous other days. its all on the way you feel the day you wake up in the morning.

How to get more girly?

Read the book, "How to be a Girly Girl in Just 10 days" - my daughter is reading it right now... :-)

How to get more girly?

im a little tomboyish 2 but at the same time i can be girly girl my suggestions is try wearing skirts flaring dresses of your choice sandles shoes wit a little hill lipgloss a little eye shadow something that show that you have that feninim side but at the same time shows that you can hang chill those kinda things

How to get more girly?

Okay doll, Cheerleaders usually are looked up to as being pretty and beautiful and every girl wants to be like them.

That should be your encouragement to dress girly!

Stores like Buckle are great to shop at. You can walk in and say "I want an outfit" and they will find one that looks great on you. Also, go in any place that sells Clinique. They can do your makeup for you and show you how to put it on. Plus Clinique is the best makeup i've ever used. Good luck!

How to get more girly?

What's wrong with being tomboyish?

All the cheerleaders I know dress like streetwalkers and all that does is cause you to get nasty comments from other girls who are disgusted by other girls portraying themselves as that and men acting inappropriately because of the way you look. If that's attractive, I'm more then happy to dress like a tomboy and avoid all that.

You obviously are a talented young woman to make the cheerleading squad and you should be proud of that. You made it on the cheerleading squad because of who you are, so why change it because you don't look like the stereotypical cheerleader.

I say keep up the tomboy ways. There is nothing wrong with them.

How to get more girly?

Seventeen Mag is always good...Elle girl..Cosmo...all the teen mags...also if you see someone that goes to school with u, u can check out their style and if its something u can borrow ideas from them...but make sure you are comfortable...because unless you are comfortable..people are really going to notice that you look uncomfortable.

a must have for ever girl

Lip gloss....

and maybe a little mascara...thats about it.

How to get more girly?

develop your own style, don't follow the slutty looking girls, they get bad reps and looks, undesired, and leads to trouble.

How to get more girly?

If your hair is long, get it gently layered and add some highlights to it. Go to a salon.

Clean up your brows. Don't overpluck them. Just pluck the strays away. Good tweezers: Tweezerman slant head tweezers.

Wear clothes that are still comfortable, but more feminine and form fitting.

You dress like a tomboy? Keep your jeans and hoodies, just get them more form fitting.

Great places to shop:


Abercrombie and Fitch



American Eagle Outfitters

All those places have basic, pretty clothes that you can run and hang out in, without being prissy.

Good jeans, and nice hoodies and pretty basic form fitting shirts.

You don't need to wear heels if you don't like them. Just wear Converse, your regular Vans. For dressier occassions, wear ballet flats to dress up your look.

For makeup, just put pressed powder on oily spots and some pretty flavoured lip gloss from Bonne Bell, Jane, Wet N'Wild, L'oreal, Cover Girl.

Finish with a light spray of perfume. The store above have their own perfumes.

Or you could try these:

Calvin Klein CKIN2U

CK One

Gucci Envy 2

anything by Adidas, Puma or Calvin Klein.

Anna Sui perfumes

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