Monday, July 27, 2009

RIO SALON LASER Hair Removal System?

I want to know if the

RIO SALON LASER Hair Removal System

works effectively?

I need answers from people

who have actually used the product

or atleast have known somebody

who have used this product.

Please share your personal experiences

and would you recommend it?

Please give some pros and cons.

Or suggestions.

I don't need superficial answers

from people who haven't used the product.

I have researched about this product

over the internet and magazines

and what I need is answers from people

who have actually used this product.

I'm half-caucasian and half-asian and my skin color is light.

Hair color is dark brown.

I have been plucking and shaving

my underarms and legs.

I have some hair ingrowns that now

become dark spots on my legs.

I intend to use the product to remove

unwanted hair on my legs and underarms

and I'm hoping that it will also treat

some of these hair ingrowns.

Please give me a lot of details about your experience. Thanks :)

RIO SALON LASER Hair Removal System?

well i dont recommend i personally had it done and i got skin cancer....sooo now have to get's tooo much of a risk

RIO SALON LASER Hair Removal System?

OMG I just answered this question with like five paragraphs and somehow lost it. Oh well. I'll just make it short this time.

Rio doesn't work and do not use it. It's laser is to weak to be effective and only end up burning the hair, burning your skin, and has been known to cause permanent tissue damage.

Even professional laser hair removal only works 50% of the time. There is no existing hair removal device that can garantee hair will never grow back.

Until technology moves forward in this area I suggest....

Sugaring -(I've only heard about it but supposedly it is better than waxing because it gently slips the hair out in the direction of the hair growth which stops under the skin breakage which leads to ingrown hairs).

Tanning bed- (Don't let yourself get burned. Tanning lights increase the amounts of vitamin D in your skin which prevents ingrown hairs. Tanning lights are used by dermatologists to treat many skin disorders.)


Emjoi-(36 patented tweezer discs with 24 karat gold plating that spin and vibrates to relieve any pain. I would never be with my Emjoi gently gold but it takes getting used to.)

Pre waxed strips-(Brands like Sally Hansen and Nair work the best.)

Prescription medications-(Doxycycline, Minocycline, Tetracycline, and Selodyn which are used to treat acne also work for preventing and controlling ingrown hairs.)

RIO SALON LASER Hair Removal System?

I got one from a shop in London called Argos and yes it does work but it takes time. I have been using it on my front legs and one of my shins is completely bald now. I am going to start using it on my bikini line soon too.

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