Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Would Dark brown be Visable....?

Okay, i want to get this colour but as foils not full head:

And i want to Get Black Foils put in aswell.

Would they look good together, would it suit me?

Photos of me:

Thankyou = )

Would Dark brown be Visable....?

I'd personally just go with the first color, and skip the black. You have a darker base as it is, so the black might not even be the most noticeable thing in the world and turn out to be a waste of your money. If you were putting the black in to darken up your overall color, I suggest darkening your base to a dark brown and then doing the other highlights.

Would Dark brown be Visable....?

I love the first colour and it would definitely suit your hair and colouring. You're a very pretty girl. I think I'd do that first, not do the black. If you feel it needs more depth then maybe some gold, or some darker lights put in later. The hairdresser will have some good ideas for you.

But definitely go for the first colour!

Would Dark brown be Visable....?

maybe u never no till u try

Would Dark brown be Visable....?

don't color it though it wud look good..

cut your hair short n u'll c a positive change! =)

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