Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Are you a TRUE 90's kid?

You know you're a BRITISH 90's kid if...

%26gt; %26gt;

%26gt; %26gt; 1. You can sing the rap to "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air".

%26gt; %26gt; 2. You remember when it was actually worth getting up on a

%26gt; Saturday morning

%26gt; %26gt; to watch Live%26amp;Kicking (you know the number - 0181 811

%26gt; 8181!- err and the tune...!) or SM:TV.

%26gt; %26gt; 3. You had a huge fringe at some point in your childhood.

%26gt; %26gt; 4. You remember reading and watching "Goosebumps".

%26gt; %26gt; 5. You took plastic cartoon lunchboxes to school.

%26gt; %26gt; 6. You remember the craze of YoYo's and Tamagotchis (and

%26gt; the subsequent

%26gt; %26gt; banning of them in school).

%26gt; %26gt; 7. You still get the urge to say "Not" after every

%26gt; sentence. Not.

%26gt; %26gt; 8. You knew that Kimberley, the Pink Ranger, and Tommy,

%26gt; the Green Ranger,

%26gt; %26gt; were meant to be.

%26gt; %26gt; 9. You collected Pok鑼卪on cards.

%26gt; %26gt; 10. You played and/or collected Pogs.

%26gt; %26gt; 11. You had a weird alien that lived in gooey stuff in a

%26gt; plastic 'pod' and

%26gt; %26gt; thought that if you stuck 2 back to back they would have a

%26gt; baby!

%26gt; %26gt; 12. You watched the original Postman Pat, Fireman Sam and

%26gt; Ninja Turtles

%26gt; %26gt; (back in the day when they were 'Hero' Turtles).

%26gt; %26gt; 13. You remember when the new Beenie Babies were always

%26gt; sold out.

%26gt; %26gt; 14. You got your mum to buy 'BN' buscuits.

%26gt; %26gt; 15. You used to wear those stick on earrings, not only on

%26gt; your ears but at

%26gt; %26gt; the corners of your eyes.

%26gt; %26gt; 16. You know the Macarena by heart and Saturday Night too.

%26gt; %26gt; 17. "Talk to the hand".

%26gt; %26gt; 18. You remember the time before Literacy and Numeracy

%26gt; hour existed.

%26gt; %26gt; 19. You thought that Brain from "Pinkey and the Brain"

%26gt; actually could take

%26gt; %26gt; over the world.

%26gt; %26gt; 20. You remember Bum Bags, they weren't even cool then.

%26gt; %26gt; 21. You always wanted to be on Fun House.

%26gt; %26gt; 22. You collected Tazos.

%26gt; %26gt; 23. 2 words, Spice Girls.

%26gt; %26gt; 24. "Clarissa Explains It All" and "Saved By The Bell"

%26gt; were your favourite

%26gt; %26gt; shows.

%26gt; %26gt; 25. You wore as many shag bands as you could fit on your

%26gt; arm.

%26gt; %26gt; 26. You remember Robbie leaving and Take That splitting up

%26gt; :'(

%26gt; %26gt; 27. You wanted lights in your trainers like the cool kids.

%26gt; %26gt; 28. Nintendo was replaced by Super Nintendo (sorry but the

%26gt; Princess is in

%26gt; %26gt; another castle).

%26gt; %26gt; 29. Computer screens were black (or green) with white

%26gt; writing.

%26gt; %26gt; 30. Disney, Coke and MacDonalds ruled the world.

%26gt; %26gt; 31. You thought that "South Park" was hillarious even if

%26gt; you didn't get half

%26gt; %26gt; the jokes.

%26gt; %26gt; 32. You had a Nokia 3310 (or really wanted one).

%26gt; %26gt; 33. Michael Jackson was weird but still respected for his

%26gt; music.

%26gt; %26gt; 34. All the boys had their hair in 'curtains'.

%26gt; %26gt; 35. Nickelodeon was cool.

%26gt; %26gt; 36. The Chuckle Brothers were not.

%26gt; %26gt; 37. "Wax on, Wax off." Need i say more?

%26gt; %26gt; 38. You wore Addidas 3 stripe joggers or poppers.

%26gt; %26gt; 39. Nike Air Max and Reebok Classics were 'must have'

%26gt; trainers (and Kickers

%26gt; %26gt; for school).

%26gt; %26gt; 40. Girls thought blue mascara looked good.

%26gt; %26gt; 41. Girls thought hair mascara looked good.

%26gt; %26gt; 42. You remember Mr. Motivator.

%26gt; %26gt; 43. You had scrunchies in every colour and hair bands with

%26gt; your name on it

%26gt; %26gt; in glitter.

%26gt; %26gt; 44. You bought Smash Hits Magazine for the song lyrics.

%26gt; %26gt; 45. Everyone owned something from NafNaf or Fruit Of The

%26gt; Loom (probably in

%26gt; %26gt; grey).

%26gt; %26gt; 46. You ate Spicy Tomato flavour Space Raiders (and they

%26gt; were only 10p!).

%26gt; %26gt; 47. Tammy Girl was where we got our cool clothes.

%26gt; %26gt; 48. Good Saturday evening telly consisted of "Gladiators",

%26gt; "Catchphrase" and

%26gt; %26gt; "Noel's House Party".

%26gt; %26gt; 49. You loved CKone.

%26gt; %26gt; 50. It's PJ and Duncan not Ant and Dec.

%26gt; %26gt; 51. Everyone ate Fruit Salads and Black Jacks.

%26gt; %26gt; 52. Chris Evans presented everything.

%26gt; %26gt; 53. You had at least one Troll.

%26gt; %26gt; 54. You had / wanted / hated Furbys.

%26gt; %26gt; 55. You remember that "Hooch" was the original alcopop.

%26gt; %26gt; 56. You taped the Pepsi Chart Show.

%26gt; %26gt; 57. "I know you are, you said you are, but what am I

%26gt; then?" was the answer

%26gt; %26gt; to all insults.

%26gt; %26gt; 58. You shouted "LEG IT!" when running away from

%26gt; something.

%26gt; %26gt; 59. You wore jelly shoes.

%26gt; %26gt; 60. You loved "Knightmare" and "The Crystal Maze" (which

%26gt; are now repeated on

%26gt; %26gt; Challege TV!).

%26gt; %26gt; 61. You were always singing the theme tune to "Round The

%26gt; Twist".

%26gt; %26gt; 62. They will ALWAYS be Opal Fruits, not Starbursts.

%26gt; %26gt; 63. You had a million gel pens.

%26gt; %26gt; 64. You watched "The Poddington Peas".

%26gt; %26gt; 65. You remember classic Levi's ads such as "Spaceman" and

%26gt; "Flat Eric".

%26gt; %26gt; 66. "If you like a lot of chocolate on your biscuit join

%26gt; our Club".

%26gt; %26gt; 67. You remember the craze of Scratch and Sniff.

%26gt; %26gt; 68. You remember Sony Walkmans.

%26gt; %26gt; 69. You know who Alf is.

%26gt; %26gt; 70. You waited for 7.30pm on BBC1 every friday to watch

%26gt; TOTP.

%26gt; %26gt; 71. You wanted to / tried to make Tracey Island.

%26gt; %26gt; 72. You compared football stickers in the playground "got,

%26gt; got, need".

Are you a TRUE 90's kid?

Oh Tracey how could you? You've made me feel sooooooooooooo old!!!

No I won't say how old but!!!

Enjoy life kiddo!

Are you a TRUE 90's kid?

yep, im a true 90's kid.

Are you a TRUE 90's kid?

lol ima 90's kid all the way

and that stuff was so true lol

Are you a TRUE 90's kid?

Where you watching me? tee hee fab

Are you a TRUE 90's kid?

70's kid here but I know where your coming from!

Are you a TRUE 90's kid?

My god, I just went back in time!

Those were the days hey.

Are you a TRUE 90's kid?

It's official. I'm a true 90's kid!!!!

Are you a TRUE 90's kid?

yeah im defo a 90's kid.

Are you a TRUE 90's kid?

LOL said yes to most the answers. back in "the good old days" :-p

Are you a TRUE 90's kid?



Are you a TRUE 90's kid?

HAHA! I miss those days... Though I didn't know much in the 90s

Are you a TRUE 90's kid?

***cringe*** u bought back so many memories!!!



Are you a TRUE 90's kid?

i havent sed no to one of these the answer every time was yes

Are you a TRUE 90's kid?

More of an 80's kid, but still very young in the 90's...remember it all well!

Are you a TRUE 90's kid?

I would be if it weren't so region-specific :P

Aussies had Smash Hits

A*mazing was the coolest kids show around

Platform shoes- big chunky ones

Glass beads

Video Smash Hits- Our music show

Cruel Intentions

Blinky Bill

The "Hippie Look" of the late 90s, laying on the beads...

And the black/green computer screens were out by the late 90s ;) only my primary school had those, Apple IIIs I believe?

Are you a TRUE 90's kid?

Ha ha! ive just re-lived my entire childhood reading that! im defo a true 90's kid!!!

Are you a TRUE 90's kid?

90's kid!!! that was great..... still miss some of thos things.... g2g get ready for karate!! by

Are you a TRUE 90's kid?

1. I know EVERY word!

2. I remember Live %26amp; kicking before 0181 i remember when it was 081!

3. Yep! When i was about 6 years old!


5. I had a my little pony one! It was pink! I had the flask too.

6. They got banned from my school

7. I soooo did that! NOT!!!

8. They were so well suited! Kimberley was my favourite!

9. Pokemon was a little after my time

10. I did however have EVERY pog! The slammers too..

11. I tried so hard to get mine to mate!!

12. I watch them all!

13. I cried when Beenie Babies ran out!

14. I loved them!

15. Awwwww! I had forgotten about them! I had fake nails too that fell off after 10mins!!

16. I couldnt wait for a school disco to show off my moves!

17. I said that all the time!!

18. Maths %26amp; English! Do you remember SPMG maths books?

19.Pinky %26amp; the brain!! My mum used to call me %26amp; my sis "stinky %26amp; the brain"... Never asked which i was!

20. Not cool but practical!

21. I Always wished i was on Fun House with Pat Sharp

22. Tazos! Wow!

23. I went to see Spice Girls in concert!

24. I wished i was Clarissa

24. I was scared someone would break them!!

25. My mate cried so much!

26. Aahhhhh! Ive got lost somewhere! I cant be bothered to look back over it! I think i deserve best answer for all my trouble! Lol....

Are you a TRUE 90's kid?

Have you ever, ever felt like this, when strange things happen, are you goin round the twist.

i love that list, some i hated at the time, like that wigfield song, but i still know all the f*ckin words!!

Levi - bombastic ad too.

i used to play table football with the free tazo's you got from walkers crisps.

do you remember when you could get caffeine free coke (not diet caffeine free, but regular caffeine free) in a gold can, and when tab clear was released? (tab clear tasted crappy)

wham bars and highland toffee?

was whack-a-day 80's? i think it could be.

answer to 1) this is a story all about how, my life got flip-turned upside down, and I'd like to take a minute so sit right there, an I'll tell you how i became the prince of town called Bel-air.

sorry for rambling, some good nostalgia here.

Are you a TRUE 90's kid?

...and watched the Big Breakfast show every morning before going to school! :' )

Are you a TRUE 90's kid?

im a 90's kid all the way oh yes... still remeber getting on of the aliens tangled in my hair after trying to use it as a hairband (dnt ask) lol..xx

Are you a TRUE 90's kid?

yep done/ remeber those things, oh am i sad...

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