Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Trendy mom hairstyles...where do I find them?

Maybe you could suggest a stylish magazine, tv show or website??? I just want to look well manicured and put together.

I have long straight and pretty thick hair...it's dark brown and beginning to turn grey w/ those ugly wirey looking hairs poking up from the top of my hair. I just feel like a witch!

Where do I find pictures of long layered highlighted MOM styles. I do NOT want to cut my hair short...I've been told my face is not the right shape for short hair. I have a big head too, so it makes me look too masculine. I've lost 20 pounds in the past year, and I want my hair to reflect how pretty I feel!

I have straight hair too...and I like that. I just want my hair to look healthy again!

Thanks for your help!

Trendy mom hairstyles...where do I find them?

Well whoever said your face isn't right for short hair is being rather stupid, I never saw any face shape that was bad for short hair styles if it was cut correctly. If you go to a beautician that you trust ask her what she would suggest.

There are always books at the hair salon with various styles in them too. Cutting your hair is what is going to make it healthy it at least needs a good trim and it grows back so its not traumatic.

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