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How to achieve these curls?

or this

i have long straight thin hair how can i get these looks?

How to achieve these curls?

First you should use volumizing shampoo and conditioner. Then add a styling product, such as mousse or gel. Blow dry your hair then use a large (3") curling iron. Do Not Brush, instead use your fingers to shape the curls. Finish with a maximum hold hair spray.

How to achieve these curls?

curling iron; rollers; curling shampoo.

How to achieve these curls?

Take about one inch sections of hair and wrap it around the barrel of a two or three inch curling iron. You don't want to use the clamp part of the iron, just wrap the hair around and hold it in place while it heats. Also, if you have thin hair, I would start with a volumizing spray. Good luck!

How to achieve these curls?

You can try this method:

Begin this hairstyle on hair that is only slightly damp as wet hair will take too long to dry. Starting at the bottom portion of your hair grab a small section, approximately one inch by one inch and apply a volumizing spray.

Now wrap the section around your finger and begin to twist. Keep twisting the hair section until it is twisted all the way up to the roots of your hair.

Coil the section into a pin curl (a large circle) and place a small amount of tissue paper on top of the coil; this will prevent a dent from forming when you secure the coil to your head with a large bobby pin.

Continue to repeat this procedure until all of your hair is done. If you have fine hair you should end up with approximately ten sections while thicker hair may have upwards of twenty.

Let your hair completely dry. Air drying is best but if you鈥檙e in a hurry you can speed up the process by giving the coils quick blasts of a blow dryer. Just don鈥檛 overdo it with the drier as it may cause your hair to become flyaway or give it frizz.

You can now remove the pins and very gently unroll the coils. Try to avoid handling them as much as possible to keep the waves intact. If you wish you can mist your hair with a light shine enhancing product for a healthy sheen. It鈥檚 best to skip the hair spray though, as this hairstyle is meant to look natural and free鈥攏ot stiff. This hairstyle is perfect for giving fine, limp hair body without overloading it with hair products.

Or you can try thsi website to see how to do it with a flat iron.

How to achieve these curls?

buy those soft curlers and sleep in them. it is soooo easy and you save so much time in the morning. you just take them out and only brush the top of your hair otherwise you brush right through the curls. then use hairspray, not mousse. ive found that a great brand of hairspray is matrix hairspray. and for looser, messier curls, you separate each curl in two. it is a more casual, less shirley temple look.

then for waves, sleep in braids. (the number depending on how wavy you want your hair. i would probably recommend about eight or so) then you just take them out in the morning and just brush the top of your hair. you can use hairspray, but i usually dont need it, but then again, my hair holds waves really well......

and if you shower in the morning, scrunch your hair with mousse and it looks pretty good but might get a little frizzy.

hope i helped!!! good luck!!!

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